Kuku Duckbill 3D Breathable Pillow 6 months up KU2079

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3D Breathable Pillow 6M+
For baby’s perfect head shape
The best pillow selected for your babies

★Anti-mold and Anti-bacterial
Provides babies who have sensitive skin with professional anti-mold and anti-bacterial technology.

★Breathing and Sweat-absorbing
The cellular weave of pillow enables the air to quickly flow through to prevent the moisture from affecting the baby health.

★Matching the Head Shape
Pillow slot protects babies’ head shape and prevents to shape flat heads.

Pillow and pillowcase are water-washable and the quick-drying texture can prevent molds from breeding.

★Soft and Comfortable
The high-grade mesh cloth of pillowcase can give the baby gentle touches and further increases sleep quality.

1.Head-protecting pillow for the newborns.
2.Perfectly ergonomic pillow design that prevents flat heads.
3.AMPG-PLUS anti-mold and anti-bacterial technology.
4.The babies’ first and best choice!


Mommies’ NO.1 choice!
The head of the newborns is delicate, and therefore, Selecting a suitable pillow is fairly important to baby’s head growth!
The high-grade mesh pillowcase adopts AMPG-PLUS anti-mold and anti-bacterial technology and has professional certification.

1.Anti-mold and Anti-bacterial Mesh Pillowcase
Mesh pillow case conforming to the European Bluesign environmental requirements.
The high-grade mesh cloth can give baby the most comfortable and breathing touch, making itself a good helper for baby’s sleep.

2.3D Cellular Weave of Pillow
Unique 3D weaved pillow enables the air to flow thoroughly and quickly let out the stifling heat to prevent the moisture from affecting the baby health. The water repellent property of 100% polyester can effectively prevent molds from breeding and protect the baby’s sensitive skin.

3.Groove design that perfectly protects the head shape
The ergonomic groove design can efficiently supports the baby’s head shape and relax one’s neck, helping to achieve better sleep quality, reduce the frequency of occurrence of flat head and have the perfect head shape after comfortable sleep.

4.Water-washable, Quick-drying, Clean and Comfortable
Both the 3D pillow and pillowcase have mesh that enables the air to flow through and makes them quick-drying. Keeping them clean and hygienic of all time can efficiently prevent allergy and molds from happening and breeding, ensuring the baby comfortable, peaceful and healthy sleep.

5.Soft and Comfortable
The soft cotton inside the pillow can shape according to the baby’s head and neck, taking care of the baby and leaving mom carefree for the entire day.

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