Kuku Duckbill PES Anti-Colic Standard Feeding Bottle-5 oz

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PES Anti-Colic Standard Feeding Bottle-5 oz



PES Material Meets F.D.A Standards/No Dyes Added/The New Light Weight/

High Temperature Resistant/Healthy & Safe Material


■Non endocrine disrupting chemicals (bisphenol A, so called the environmental Hormone), high temperature resistance

up to 180 degrees. The bottle prevents breakage and deformity for repeated processes of boiling, steaming, microwave

or disinfecting.The material meets F.D.A standards for safe nursing.


■PES bottle which is safe to use, not easy to break, lightto carry; it is convenient for out and travel.


■Hydrolysis resistant, anti-bacteria and chemical free for repeated disinfecting.


■Accepted by NSF and RCC certificated.



Anti-Colic Breast-Like Nipple

By offering the best nipple,bottle feeding can deliver happiness to the smartest mother.


As a leader of using extra softness which is supple and best suitable for your little one.


The nipple is made from medical and food grade liquid silicone which is a high purity platinum cured silicone.It features odorless, colorless and stainless quality.


Collaborating with the unique design of the first ever patented horizontal cut ventilated valve.

Provides the closest feeling to the natural breast feeding.


 Specification :  Standard Feeding Bottle-5 oz


Body:F.D.A quality Polyether Sulfone(-20℃~180℃)

Cover Set:quality PP(-20℃~100℃)

Nipple:F.D.A food-grade Silicone(-20℃~120℃),size M cross-cut



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