Kuku Duckbill The Dream of You Glass Feeding Bottle (Blue) 240ml KU5871

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Kuku Duckbill The Dream of You Glass Feeding Bottle KU5871

  • Wide mouth diameter
  • Powdered milk is easier to brew with milk powder
  • Standard milk bottle waist, unique micro-arc design
  • Natural feel good to hold a good grip, carry out smaller volume
  • Emulating the curve design of milk ─ engineering curve, simulating the shape design of mommy’s breast, the baby can naturally contain the whole pacifier and fit into the nursing nest, just like sucking the real breast milk, making the baby as if relying on the mother’s arms as natural.
  • Anti – tear mouth – patented anti – tear ring extends pacifier life.
  • Thick milk wheel granules – mimicking the breast and areola for a chewable taste
  • Spiral twill waist – effectively improve nipple pull resistance
  • Local atomization – Prevents adhesion to baby’s tender lips
  • U-type air vent valve – double double holes for fast air diversion
  • Medical grade material – 25 soft medical grade platinum liquid silicone
  • Safety glass material
  • Cold and heat resistance/peace of mind coefficient -33/ High hardness, good disinfection/non-toxic ink printing/bisphenol A free
  • Pacifier size: 0-6 months for wide mouth cross type
  • Capacity: 240 ml
  • Color: Blue
  • Bottle cap/middle cap: polypropylene (-20℃~+100℃)
  • Milk bottle: Borosilicate glass (-40℃~+600℃)
  • Pacifier: Liquid silicone gel (-20℃~+120℃)




Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


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